Vault from existing files

In the Obsidian Help, file Start here, we find :
“If you already have a collection of notes in markdown format, just choose them for your Vault. Go to the Settings gear in the lower left, choose “Vault,” and select the directory your notes are in.”
But there is no “Vault” item in Settings. Any idea ?
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Same thing for :
“By the way, you can feel free to edit these help docs, but when you click Settings => Help => Read Help again, they will be overwritten. So, don’t put anything in them you want to keep.”
I’m assuming the help files are a bit out of date, compared to the latest versions.

You don’t have to open the “settings” - in the lower left, above the settings symbol, there is a vault symbol - click on this one!

Ok thank you. I am translating the help files into French, so I am trying to note and rectify any inconsistencies.

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There’s also Open another vault in the command palette

Ok thanks. And concerning the Help, I think the 2 remaining possibilities are also the button in the lower left, and the Command palette. No more in Settings.