Vault dating

See who has a similar vault, i.e. thoughts/personality, see how close your vault is to another one

Under the hood:

  1. Compute embeddings of a vault (something capture the vault semantic, to investigate further)
  2. Compute distance between your vault and others, see if you have similar personality, thoughts
  3. Or run a service doing KNN, i.e. recommender system based on obsidian vault
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loads of privacy concerns for that one, and I don’t really see a way for it to work, given that it would be very hard to code

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Say more about what the value or use case is. In what scenario would this be valuable to someone?

What privacy concerns if your vault is open source?

What? We are social animals, we need to match with like-minded minds, and it’s very hard sometimes

Most dating app are quite bad at recommendations, the best to date probably is

When I say dating, I don’t necessarily mean romantic, it can be for friendship

why would i want my vault available to the public? I think what you are trying to do, is essentially curate a tinder profile, of sorts, in obsidian as a vault.

Why would you want your vault private?

Tinder is merely physical, completely unrelated to biological intelligence