Various bugs when transforming inline properties to YAML

Steps to reproduce


Paste the following:

type:: book
source:: How to win friends and influence people
producer:: Dale Carnegie
created:: [[2023-07-16]]
tags: #psychology #leadership 

Add --- in the beginning of the file

Try navigating

Add --- at the end of the property block

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? Y

Expected result

  • Property values are readable and editable
  • Property values can be accessed as plain text

Actual result

  • Values with internal links are not editable
  • Values with #tags are erased
  • Arrow navigation in text stops working



Additional information

I cannot paste that into the YAML section because they is not valid YAML

Thanks for a quick reply and congrats on the great release! I understand that this is not a valid YAML. I am also not trying to paste the text directly in the Properties section. Let me give more context: most of my notes are using inline properties simply because it was not previously possible to create links to other documents inside YAML. With the latest release I want to convert back to YAML since now it is possible.

My expectation was that Properties panel, while giving access to custom UI, will also keep the option of editing content as plain text, and without causing it to lose data. This way I would be able to adjust formatting to fit correct YAML.

I suggest you use source mode to fix your format and then switch to UI.

Thanks, I can see now that, while UI shows an empty value, the actual data isn’t lost, just not rendered:

For those trying to convert inline properties to YAML:

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