Valt randomly opens without one sub-folder and its contents

I have this really weird Bug that pops up randomly and makes no sense to me.

I have a folder called “Journal” where I keep all my Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly notes, all nicely categorized in year and month sub-folders. At the moment this is the vast majority of my Obsidian Vault. I take advantage of the periodic notes plugin for creating and putting the notes in the proper place.

Randomly (and not supper often) when opening my vault the entire Journal folder and everything it contains is missing from Obsidian. If I close Obsidian and reopen it (some times it takes a few times closing and reopening it) the folder will show up again, and then Obsidian will take a moment to index my vault. This is incredibly annoying, is anyone else having a similar issue?

Steps to reproduce

I have no idea how to reproduce this bug. It happens randomly for me on opening my vault, where the Journal folder is ignored and doesn’t show up in Obsidian.

I have tried a bunch of things like closing, opening multiple vaults, closing obsidian in different states and so far I can’t find any kind of pattern. I will continue to keep an eye on this and if I can find a way to reproduce it (rather than it being random) I will update this bug report.

Expected result

When Obsidian opens my Vault all files and folders in the vault should show up in Obsidian.

Actual result

Randomly Obsidian opens with everything EXCEPT my Journal folder and its contents.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.19 (though it has happened to me on the previous version as well)

What is the path to your vault? (Hide any sensitive info like your username if you need to.)

I’ve seen a few problems where the vault was stored in a built-in Windows directory. Here is an example: Can't paste images (or any attachment) into Obsidian editor - #11 by username123

It would also be interesting to know if you get any similar errors in your developer console when this occurs. Or even when it doesn’t occur.

So it happened again, this has been a pretty good run without it happening. I had to close and open Obsidian two times to get it to load the Journal directory again (aka the 3rd load)

My vault is in a totally different drive than my OS in a folder that is used to backup to (like dropbox) G:\Sync\_Vaults\vaultname

Here is what comes up in the developer console when it happened:

Here is the developer console when it did finally load (3rd try) way more errors interestingly:

And here are the images showing the missing folder:

Verses the correctly opened vault:

You have a lot of plugin errors.
Are your plugins up to date?
Does it happen when third party plugins are disabled?

Is it possible that this is creating problems