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As I didn’t find anything in the documentation: I like to understand which characters, apart from A-Z, a-z, 0-9, -, _ are allowed in filenames.

Thank you.

Not sure this is complete.

But from trying out I found that these seem to be valid:
> <;()",.'[email protected]$%&*()_-+=?

Emoji characters seem to be possible as well.

These are invalid: []:\/^|#

Not sure I am complete here.

So there are basically two reasons why characters would be considered illegal by Obsidian:

  • links invalidation: []#^|
  • file systems limitation: \/: and ? for Android

Other than these most characters are legal, like those emojis being unicode characters, and most other unicode characters, like stuff with accents/diacritics: áāãőůçĉ, and national characters like æøåßþƴðđ.

So feel free to use characters rather freely. See also Internal links and special characters - #2 by holroy

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