V1.5.3 and existing table plugins


I just installed 1.5.3 I use advanced tables to navigate and add table stuff. Do I still need it? Will it conflict with the new table implementation?

Wondering the same, and I haven’t found any info yet that would answer the question.

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I don’t know if I would call it a conflict, but they do reformat the tables, both of them. Obsidian removes extra spaces, and advanced tables adds them back in again to justify columns in source mode.

So I think you might want to choose which “table editing” you want to use. I’m almost never in live preview, so I’m keeping the advanced tables plugin. But I’m also hoping for those table manipulations to come to source mode.

Lastly, I don’t think Obsidian offers anything related to the table formulas which the plugin offers, which I’m using here and there.


Bummer that Obsidian’s built-in table handler does that. At the risk of feature bloat, I wish they would add an option to enable/disable a “justify source columns” feature. I don’t always care, but there are definitely some instances where I would very much like the table to remain legible in plaintext.

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I agree with your sentiment.

From the perspective of Obsidian there kind of is no Advanced tables plugin, so it’s hard for them to preserve the formatting of some “random” plugin down the line. So I hardly doubt that’ll happen, unless they opt for implementing the same kind of column justification themself.

Then again, if you’re in source mode and advanced tables re-formats the table, it’ll stay that way until you change it using the table editor again. So it’ll change back and forth now and then, but I don’t think it’ll be that much of a problem.

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Yeah, it’s more of a formatting style in my mind than a feature of a specific plugin. Making tables legible in source mode seems like pretty low-hanging fruit that would be valuable to have for its own sake rather than to try and preserve something from another plugin.

Edit: or adding a separate “justify columns” command that users can employ on demand for any tables they want to straighten out for plaintext.

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