V1.4.8: Unable to go from note body to Properties/YAML Front Matter using Vim-mode or keyboard arrow keys when Properties set to "Source" and Editor in Live Preview

In 1.4.8 I’m not able to jump from note content to properties (YAML FM) using Vim-keybindings or arrow keys.

For instance, I’m not able to jump from line 5 to 4 (or lines 1-3) using k og arrow key up, in the screenshot below. Using Vim-mode, I can also not “jump to line 1” by using 1G (like I normally can).

The issue seems to be when Editor is in Live Preview, and Properties is set to “Source”. Verified issue using sandbox vault (only properties > source is changed).


Sidenote #1: If editing mode is switched from live preview (LP) to source mode (editor, that is), I’m successfully able to jump to the properties/YAML Front Matter (like expected).

Sidenote #2: If I enter an “invalid property”, e.g. “mykey” (without columns or keys, e.g. only mykey instead of mykey: value, i can “magically” enter the properties using Vim-keybindings or arrow keys again (in LP).

Will be fixed in the next version.

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