V1.0.0 How to turn off Title Bar breadcrumb?

Things I have tried

I can’t find anything in Settings about this. There’s an option to turn the title bar off altogether, but that’s not what I’m looking for. Can’t find anything on the forum so far.

What I’m trying to do

I already have an unobtrusive breadcrumb at the bottom of the page. Having it at the top as well is unnecessary, and cuts off the file name when two tabs are open. Is there a way to go back to just displaying the file name, not the folder/s that file lives in, as well?

Hiding the title bar isn’t something I want to do all the time, as I have some useful icons on the right via the Customisable Page Header and Title Bar plugin. I’ll be sad if hiding it is the only answer!

I didn’t like it at first and hid it, but it’s grown on me.

This snippet will hide it:

.view-header-title-container > * { display: none; }

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Thank you, that’s helpful.

I was hoping there’d be a way to have just the title, minus the family tree. Looks like that won’t be possible. I’ve since discovered the Hider plugin can hide it too, and reveal on hover.

It’s a real problem, in my opinion, because as I mentioned above, in a narrow tab or pane you can’t see the file name. Especially when the file is a couple of folders deep. Stacking the tabs takes care of that, but I think the file name should be clearly visible in horizontal tab mode, too.

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Apologies, I misread. Yeah, this snippet hides the full breadcrumb.

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