V0.16.x bullet list header not vertically aligned when margin introduced

I’m not sure if this should be FR or bug report. But since in v0.15.x and prior, this wasn’t the case, I’m filing it under the bug report first.

Also, I’ve tried to resolve it with CSS but couldn’t find a workable solution.

Steps to reproduce

  • open sandbox vault
  • create a note with a list header (see markdown below)
  • add margin to headers in list (or disable default theme margin:0 per screenshot)


- this is normal text in list
	- with sublist
		- then another sublist
- ## this is h2 text
	- with sublist
		- then another
- ## this is h2 text
	- ### with h3 sublist
		- then normal text sublist


Expected result

  • the bullet should be (vertically) aligned with the text, or perhaps aligned to the bottom instead

Actual result

  • it’s sort of aligned to the top, making it aesthetically not so pleasing
  • I noticed that the theme dev makes the margin for list header to 0 to sort of “compensate” for the issue.


  • Operating system: Windows 10

Additional information

I don’t see this as a bug. Sorry. Open FR.