V0.16 Theme Syncing w Mobile v0.15.9

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create custom CSS theme (either in a folder using new format, or via what is recognized as “legacy”, a single named .css file)
  2. Sync custom themes with cloud
  3. Attempt to access the custom themes on mobile. They will not appear.

It appears impossible to get a custom .css theme over to mobile without publishing to the community theme store, via Github.

I also don’t see the themes folder on a mobile file explorer to manually place the .css

Expected result

In one of the two formats, be able to have a custom .css theme sync to mobile for use, even if I had to disable appearance sync later or work with other settings

Actual result

Custom .css theme is inaccessible from both iOS and android


Win 11 Pro
Latest release of iOS and Android

This is easily possible on Android. You have to use some extra tools on iOS.

I needed to enable hidden folder view on the mobile device. It works.

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