Usual Suspect Board

Hello! I hope you’re all doing good.
I have a simple idea for the graph view or maybe a whole new plugin. I think several people requested or shared the desire for a pin board, bulletin board, or corkboard. I just think of the movie “The Usual Suspect” when I see a board with notes, pictures, and texts all linked by threads, to visualize information. The Obsidian Graph core plugin is sort of similar, but not entirely. I’m not a pro designer, but I’ve made a mock-up to show you what I’m talking about.

It’s not polished in the slightest, but I hope that you know what I mean. Although this can be achieved by Excalidraw (the sky is the limit plugin), it wouldn’t be as interactive.
The links would be created manually by clicking on the circles above the notes. Notes can be dragged, or added by the plus button on the top left. I forgot to add a picture icon for background image, such as a map, machine, organ…etc.
Some would say this is a mind map, but I think mind maps are hierarchical. Even if not, mind maps rely on titles and key words, not actual notes.
Anyways, I’m aware that many people have requested the same thing, but have not provided a visual clue. Moments like this make wish I can code and programme so I can contribute to the community. I’ve been using Obsidian for over 6 months now, and its a satisfying experience for me. Thank you for the good work…please consider this project.
Take good care!