Using your obsidian notes in an HTML webpage

What I’m trying to do

So I wanted to create a website. It would have nav bar, connecting to other HTML pages. Then some web based application, But I wanted a way to use my obsidian notes as sort of a wiki document that is embed in the page.

So the user would click on a link and it would take them to the obsidian notes and then they could click on the nav bar and go back to the website.

I’m still pretty new with HTML. So any advice or tips would be awesome.

Are you trying to link from an HTML page to your Obsidian Notes inside your Obsidian Client?

  • You can use this HTML code where my vault name is “Obsidian” and the page I’m going for is called “Home”:
<a href="obsidian://open?vault=Obsidian&file=Home">Home</a>

Or are you trying to publish your notes to an HTML page that serves as a standalone website?

  • I think you can use Obsidian Publish for that
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Yes the HTML refrance is what I am trying to do.

So I make the website. It has application that do X,Y, and Z. If users want more info over X, Y and Z They can hover over the link. If they click on the link it will take them to the page.

Thanks for the help I’ll play around with is and see how it looks.

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Let me know if that works out for you :slight_smile:

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