Using Visual Studio Code as my Obsidian Editor?

Use case or problem

I write books using ASCIIDOC in VSC. I have my plug-ins there for everything to be just as I like it. (PDF export, HTML export…)

I have a number of things I would like to do in Obsidian that I have set up in VSC, but that aren’t possible in Obsidian. ASCIIDOC being the main one.

If I want to write my books in Obsidian, atm I need to write in a less-powerful way (MD) and then “up-level” it for publishing. I’d love to be able to do it all in Obsidian or compatible with Obsidian, instead of one level of thinking in Obsidian and another level in publishing.

Proposed solution

Wouldn’t it be cool if Obsidian was a plugin to VSC? Or if there was an Obsidian plugin that would work or extend VSC as the editor?

Current workaround (optional)

Intense sadness

Related feature requests (optional)

The ASCIIDOC tables plug in offers some of the functionality, but not all. I don’t like having to switch between syntaxes all day (I ain’t as smart as you programmin’ people!). Love to use just one.

Sorry. That’s not going to happen. Moved to plugin ideas for third party developers.

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I had to ask…and whichever way I can simplify Obsidian → Published book is great.

Doesn’t matter if it is via plugin or core.

Thank you.

I think there are some plugins that are tailored to that use case, like longform or something.

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I think you can add some of Obsidian’s basic features to VS Code via Foam.

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