Using two vaults?

This might be around here somewhere, but I didn’t find what I was looking for in search. When Obsidian opens, it opens the default vault. This is excellent; it’s supposed to.

However, I’m setting my recipe database up as a separate vault, and I always have to right-click my way into Obsidian’s initialization screen and manually open it. Is there a quicker way to have shortcuts to both vaults, so I can one-double-click my way into this one or that one?

Check out the “Using Obsidian URI” page. You can use a URI like obsidian://open?vault=0123456789abcdef to open a specific vault. If you put a bookmark to that on your desktop, you can just double-click it to open that vault.

If you’re on a Mac, and you use Alfred, there’s an Alfred workflow so you can do a lot of Obsidian things in Alfred. (For example, I can hit opt-Space, type “ov Main” and open my Main vault, or “ov Work” to open my Work vault.

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What about using File > Open Recent > ... to access the other vault? I’m constantly keeping two vaults open, and if only one is open, I use that to access the other vault (or even two others vault which I just occasionally use).

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I think either or both of these will work. Thank you!

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