Using ':::' to define divs as Quarto?

Lately I’ve been using Quarto as scientific-markdown stuff. I found out that it is possible to use :::{ myclass} to define an new div within the document and assign the css class myclass without having to dive in the nested spaghetti of css stuff in CM. It seems to not be supported in Obsidian though, or is it and I’m doing something wrong?

The ::: syntax i believe is pandoc feature to create div tag. Which i think built into R knitr. There’s no ready way to do so in obsidian. But u can apply css classes to blocks like para or lists using Markdown Attributes plugin.

Anyway, anything specific u want to achive? There’s multi column plugins n css snippets if that helps

I see. I’m not trying to achieve nothing in particular for the time, but the times I’ve wanted to, I ended up spending a lot of time in the Dev Tools html elements to realise what was the actual class I wanted to modify.

Also, I’ve also used the multi column plugin but ended up dropping it cause I like to use the live preview mode, and it didn’t work as expected on it. So, I thought this ::: syntax could be a workaround. In Quarto they also add some level of reactivity using tabs for instance in the same document within a ::: div which is one cool feature.

I didn’t know this plugin, it indeed helps to avoid the css spaghetti.
Thanks !

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