Using the Dataview plugin for last modified and create time

What I want to do

I would want to use it in a Template for having the date of creation of a file and the last modification.

I only want it on the file.
I don’t want a list or table of ALL my document, just this specific doc.

Is this Possible ? If yes, how ?

I think that this is the manual page which applies to your question:

Something like this:



`=dateformat(this.file.ctime, "yyyy.MM.dd - HH:mm")`


**last modified**


**last modified**
`=dateformat(this.file.mtime, "yyyy.MM.dd - HH:mm")`

— options with “dateformat” —
dateformat( ) allows you to define the format of date/time - see this link: luxon/ at master · moment/luxon · GitHub

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