Using Templater with user provided future dates

I’m a new Obsidian user – transitioning from Roam. I’m trying to replicate Roam functionality that permits creation of “recurring projects” with tasks offset from user-provided key event dates.

For those familiar with Roam, this involves setting user input to variables and then changing the “DATEBASIS” as necessary when initiating a new recurring project. Ignoring proper syntax, an example:

DATEBASIS = startTravel

  • Board the dog. startTravel -2
    DATEBASIS = endTravel
  • Pick up the dog. endTravel +2

Is there a method of using the Templater date offsets with a user-supplied future date? The Templater documentation shows date offsets using reference dates of “now” “tomorrow” and “yesterday”. I’m looking for the same functionality but based on future dates assigned to variables such as:


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