Using Templater System Prompt to Insert Text Into Yesterday's Daily Note

What I’m trying to do

I’m working on using Templater’s system prompt to quickly grab a few bits of info from me about things like my sleep quality the previous night etc, which I’m then using with a dataview dash to show me a few trends.

I want to include exercise in this, but I almost always create my daily note in the morning and won’t know about how much exercise gets done that day until later, so I’d really like to be able to ask the question “how much exercise did you do yesterday” when creating the new daily note, and have Templater put the answer into the previous day’s note in a specific place.

I feel like this is possible but I’m just not up to speed enough with Templater yet and I’d love some pointers.

Appreciate your help thank you.

I can only answer half of the question.
QuickAdd Plugin has a capture function that helps to insert bits and pieces without opening the actual note. An example could be found in Nicole van der Hoeven’s quickadd tutorial video.
In the filename part, instead {{date}}, enter {{date+-1}}, or if you have your date format other than YYYY-MM-DD, enter {{date: <your date format>, +-1}}.

However I do not know how to ask templater to do quickadd stuff or vice versa(macro perhaps?), but I hope this could help you in some sort of way.

Thanks I will look into this.

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