Using Tasks and Kanban plugin together

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any solutions to using the Tasks and Kanban plugin together in the following way. With Tasks, you can have custom statuses for your tasks, but these seem not to work well with the Kanban plugin. There are two main issues I’m trying to work around:

  1. When dragging a card to a “Done” column in Kanban which marks the task as complete, this does not update the “date completed” tag at the end of a task as the Tasks plugin does when clicking to complete a task. Is there any way to get the dragging to work with this auto-updating from Tasks?

  2. Is there any way to make dragging a card to a different column update its status to a custom status? For example, can you drag a card to a lane labeled “In Progress” and sync it with Tasks to update the status to be a custom “in progress” one?

Things I have tried

I’ve tried looking at the markdown underlying the Kanban boards and don’t see a lot of room to change things currently. Given every card is a task under the hood, I was surprised to see that Tasks wouldn’t automatically update the date completed when dragging. The second ask seems a bit harder to implement, unless there’s scripting potential in using specific headers related to a task to change its status that I missed in the documentation.

I might be looking at the wrong tools to try to achieve my desired workflow, so alternate suggestions are appreciated! Essentially I wanted a nice UI from Kanban to organize how my tasks can go through different phases/stages of progress, and then query recently completed/custom statuses for other landing pages.