Using synology drive links with obsidian to replicate Devonthink style sharing

Things I have tried

Using obsidian for text, and linking to outside apps that are primary storage/database
-tried this with combo of Onenote/GoodNotes
-currently trying with devonthink

What I’m trying to do

I want to have a “one stop shop” in obsidian. These gets difficult with obsidian for non text files, so tried using links to GoodNotes for pdf and onenote for work. I do most work on mobile.

Currently demoing DEVONthink, which is amazing about linking (to page of pdf or highlight even), and it works across iOS/iPadOS too. Can also set to make markdown link from devonthink to go on mobile. I then also index my obsidian vault in devonthink so when I search I can go to DEVONthink and I’m searching obsidian and all documents.

I have a synology NAS with documents saved as pdf currently. The hook app can recreate these links on Mac, but has no iOS version. The synology drive app does have “share” option which gives a clickable link which I can access the file. This essentially lets my synology drive be my file storage and embed links to files on obsidian……but I’m having difficulty figuring out how to do the global search through both obsidian and synology NAS. (FYI obsidian sync is through iCloud now).

Looking for ideas on workflow before I spend $240 for devonthink and mobile. Also like idea of keeping info linked and out of databases.

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