Using snippets CSS- basis info request

The use of snippets is apparently a convenient way to bend obsidian to your will. I read a lot of it here on the forum, but that’s stays mysterious to me. As I am not a developer myself, I really don’t know how to use snippets:

  1. insert this into your own theme
  2. how to let them work in obsidian
  3. how to make it yourself.

Can one of the developers explain this or point me to sources that can explain this.

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What I have figured out is:

  1. Use a separate text editor create a file with .css extension in the folder yourvaultname/.obsidian/snippets

(You’ll have to create that subfolder.)

“obsidian.css” seems standard, But I think you can have multiple files with whatever names.

  1. In Obsidian, Settings > Appearance > scroll to bottom and turn on your CSS snippets.

  2. When you find a snippet that does what you want (e.g. on the forum) paste it there, save the file, and you should see the change.

I agree that much of the info seems to assume a familiarity with CSS. I don’t mind hacking code, but I need some kind of guide to the various snippets and how to modify specific elements.