Using Sleek with the todo.txt format , and Obsidian

I recently stumbled upon an excellent todo.txt application over on Github called Sleek. Sleek parses todo.txt format into a nice, usable interface and is built on electron.

I requested the developer to offer .md files as an alternative to .txt, which he enabled quickly. The result - I can now use the todo.txt format in both Obsidian and Sleek! This is a nice enhancement to task management, that keeps the data file in one location.

Using the standard file, I can now also manage tasks on iOS via

Nice little boost to unifying things.


Hello @roguefury Can you tell me how you integrate both, Sleek And Obsidain.

@Daniyal-Ahmed Pretty simple, just create a file called inside your Obsidian Vault, and then point sleek at that file.

This isn’t a sophisticated setup, but it does put the todo list in the same location as my vault. I hope that helps.

Oh I understood Now! This is just to Keep everything at same folder(Vault). It would be great if the Sleek Documents could be opened in Obsidian. Like a note. Thanks @roguefury

@Daniyal-Ahmed Actually, that is precisely what I can do now. While Sleek requires the todo.txt format, the developer updated the app to accept .md files. Now, my sits inside my Obsidian vault, where I can edit it. It’s also accessible by Sleek. This is pretty cool

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Wait, It can also edit it! I will try that with .md file!

I started to use yesterday after a week thinking about data blocking and privacy (Notion was my task and project manager until now), so I very happy to see one more app using todo.txt, specially one with a beautiful interface.

Now that I trying to use Obsidian as a simplified productivity manager, the integration between Sleek and Markdown is a good boost. Thank you for sharing it!