Using same theme, and plugins for all vaults

Is there a trick to use the same theme, and plugins for all vaults? I have one vault, in which I have carefully customised Obsidian the way I like it. What can I do to mimic the exact same thing on any future vault? TIA!

I know one very specific method, if you have an Android phone. This will work with a vault on your phone or on a cloud service.

  1. Download Folder Sync (the one with the three dots on the icon).
  2. Set up a Folder Pair.
    1. Note - if the vault is on your phone, the normal sync mode is recommended. If it’s on the cloud, you’ll have to sync within the cloud—this may require experimental syncing mode.
      1. Set up the first folder in the pair. Navigate to the vault with your preferred plugins and themes. Use the .obsidian folder in that vault.
      2. Set up the second folder in the pair. Go to the vault you want to inherit these themes and plugins, and use the .obsidian folder in this vault as well.
      3. Make sure that the first folder, the one on the left, is syncing to the folder on the right.
  3. Exclusions (optional)
    1. If there’s something inside the .obsidian folder you don’t want to sync to the other vault, exclude it.
  4. Make sure it’s a one-way sync, and press the sync button.

This should duplicate all your plugins and themes from the first vault into the second vault. This is useful if you want the second vault to regularly reflect changes in the .obsidian folder in the first vault, because you can schedule the syncing.

OR: Simpler Method for One-time Duplication

  1. Go to your file explorer
  2. Go to the vault with your preferred setup.
    1. Copy .obsidian folder
  3. Go to the vault you want to receive these plugins and themes.
    1. delete .obsidian.
    2. Paste the .obsidian folder you copied earlier.
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Thank you! Wish there was a way, built-in, to use same theme/plugins by default. You know, a toggle.

With some caveats, one can also use aliases (at least on Mac) or symlinks.

This is the second time this thread pops up and this time I succumbed to wanting to make an input here.
Slightly off-topic (again).
I am testing my new temporary vaults on iPad with various settings and because I have 26 temp vaults, I need to change some settings in all of them at the same time.
What you can do is use a text editor like Notepad++, Sublime Text, VSCode, etc. and perform a search and replace. To make it faster, make the program look for .json files only. Obviously, you’ll need to select the folder which houses your vault(s).
The following disables the Custom Dictionary function of the Various Complements plugin in all of my vaults (screenshot from Notepad++):

It’s a good idea to have GitHub Desktop installed on your PC because you can easily diff your files for what was going on with these changed files Before and After. For some vaults, you may want to discard these settings you just changed, so you can do that easily with GH.

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