Using QuickAdd to extract selected text into a new note and then embedding it in original note

Hey everyone, I hope to use the QuickAdd plugin, perhaps in combination with the Copy Block Link plugin, to create a shortcut that does the following:

  1. Extract the currently selected text in the source note into a new note (“destination note”)
  2. Copy the block reference to that text block in the destination note
  3. Insert the block reference as an embed into the source note where the text/cursor was originally located

I have figured out how to extract text into a new note with the Capture choice but struggle with the copying of block references (despite Copy block Link) and inserting it into the source note.

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it!

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You can create the block reference yourself, it’s just a “random” combination of letters and numbers, so you can create it and append it to the text you paste into the destination note. And since you’ve created it, you should be able to then construct the proper embed link with combination of the note name and your block reference.

Sounds like a job for the workbench plugin. This one is part of Obsidians core plugins, but there’s also an improved version with the same name by Ryan Murphy

Thanks! How can I access the original note through the QuickNote macros again?

You should take a look at the Note Refactor plugin - I think it might do exactly what you are seeking: GitHub - lynchjames/note-refactor-obsidian: Allows for text selections to be copied (refactored) into new notes and notes to be split into other notes.


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Someone asked this in another thread. It works for text of any length using a heading, or text of a single paragraph by using a block reference, whichever you prefer:

This is with Templater but you can easily change it for QuickAdd.


A day or two ago, it occurred to me that your online content with your scripts and snippets would sooner or later appear for all to benefit from. Let’s call it telepathy. :slight_smile:

We are all very grateful. Having coffee now; your bucket is ready.

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