Using QuickAdd and Dataview/Templater to Add Metadata from Referenced Note into Current Note?

Things I have tried

Searching through this forum, reddit, and google, and messing around with dataview, templater, and QuickAdd macros. Apologies if I’ve missed a solution that is already posted somewhere.

What I’m trying to do

I am looking for a way to insert a metadata field (e.g., my-field) from a referenced note into the body of the current note, not as a dataview query result but as actual text in the current note.

For example, Note 1 contains the following: my-field:: example text. I’m wondering if there is anyway using QuickAdd and dataview (or maybe some other method) to (1) query Note 1 for the string in “my-field,” and (2) insert that string where my cursor is placed in Note 2. (Hope this makes sense!)

The result should look something like:

Note 1
my-field:: example text

Note 2
example text

Thank you!

How does “Note 2” know that it needs to query “Note 1”? Should it always get my_field from “Note 1”?

Or put another way, you say from a referenced note, How is it referenced?

Good question. Ideally, I would be able to specify the referenced note as part of the QuickAdd macro.

In other words, the current note (Note 2) would not always reference the same Note 1.

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