Using OS metadata instead of YAML for properties

Probably a dumb question, but hopefully someone has the patience to reply?

I was trying to figure out a way to add captions to images in notes, and all the approaches I found seemed to focus on using “alt” info that has to be manually added for each image.

Why doesn’t Obsidian have the ability to read file (images, notes) metadata from the OS, such as created/modified date, tags, alt text, etc?

Surely that would remove some friction in creating notes, and also provide the ability to search images, create captions, etc?


Which OS can add metadata such as tags or alt text? I don’t think I have a solution, I’m just curious about that.

Regarding modification date, check out this discussion on reddit.

I’m using Win10, so that’s my frame of reference. This article shows what can be done there.
How to Add Tags to Photos and Documents in Windows 10 (
The article also indicates the differences in properties between image formats, with JPG appearing to provide the most relevant metadata for this purpose.

I’m thinking that a workaround might be to embed an image (any type, without metadata) into an “image note” which has relevant image data (tags, title, source etc) in its properties, and then insert the image note (with suitable formatting, caption, etc.) into the target note.

To be clear, I’m not overly concerned about note metadata, as Templater and Linter handle it fine.
What I’d really like is a better way to manage media, particularly imported images. I make extensive use of business graphic images, and it would be great to be able to quickly find the right image and caption it neatly in a new note.

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