Using only date as daily notes

I use the daily notes feature in Obsidian. But I’ve also made 366 date notes, one for each day of the year. The reasoning for doing this is that lots of events are the same every year. So I needed a way to tag the general date (like March 12th) instead of March 12th in a specific year.

Now I have a folder called “dates” and 366 notes inside. From “01-01” to “12-31”. 366 because “02-29” is there too.

And I see that I use these way more than the daily notes. So I’m considering moving away from using daily notes, and instead just use the 366 date notes as daily notes.

Does that make sense?

Is there anyone doing this? I would love to hear experiences and learnings.

Things that typically go on the date note:
• birthdays of friends
• things that happened in history on this date
• links from articles and clippings. That way I’m reminded all the time: “Oh, a year ago I clipped this great article about electric cars” etc.
• my genealogy research “So, my great great grandfather got his first son on this date”


Trying to answer your post succinctly wasn’t working so I got busy writing about how my Magic Book works - which I have been meaning to do for months. :smile:

Your date note is something like my vertical file and I really love your idea of adding genealogy research to it. I’m going to fill those in mine too. Thanks for the great idea!

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Huh. In a similar fashion, I wonder if there’s a way to add a query to the daily note template where it will find and paste last year’s daily note at the top of this year’s daily note, for your review.

I have this, which may work for you. Put it in the template for the daily note:

list from #daily 
where contains(, "08-11")
sort asc

If you tag your daily notes #daily, it will pick up all files with “08-11” in the title.

The more I learn about Obsidian, the more my mind expands and feels utter delight.

@oyvind, that is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for sharing.


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