USING OBSIDIAN SYNC Graph View settings not syncing from iOS to Computer

Hi All!

I am a relatively new user and really appreciate this forum. I did search to see if this had been addressed but it has not (below link). the issue is as follows:

Graph view settings are not syncing between phone and desktop. I use Obsidian Sync, so I expected this to work as other posts I reviewed implied obsidian sync supports this feature (below link). The exact steps were as follows:

  1. Updated graph settings in a vault held in an obsidian synced folder saved to a Mac computer
  2. Opened obsidian on iphone, graph settings were not updated (were default). No way to manually copy/paste graph JSTOR file in IOS files, so no way to manually update.
  3. The next day: opened Obsidian on mac, graph settings matched the default settings on iphone, so it clearly synced from iphone to desktop, but not the other way around.

Vault folder has same name across all devices.

Can somebody please advise if I am doing something wrong or if this is an actual bug?

I did try to find a solution to this and noticed the following post: Graph View settings not syncing from iOS to Computer

Do you have Settings > Sync > Core plugin settings enabled on both devices?

  • Update the settings on one device
  • Wait until your other device has fully synced
  • Restart Obsidian on said device

Changes to settings are only read from disk at startup, so this is to be expected:

Thank you very much for the speedy response. to answer:

I do have, and have had, those settings enabled on this vault in both devices.

I also have tried the exact steps you outline regarding the sync/restart process:

  1. Ensured sync core plugin settings enabled on vault on both devices
  2. Update graph settings on mac
  3. Ensure sync is complete on mac
  4. Shut down iphone completely
  5. turn iphone back on
  6. open vault and graph view on iphone to default settings (wrong)
  7. repeat 4 more times hoping it will work to no avail.

Any other ideas?

With restart I meant restart Obsidian, not your device, sorry.

You need to ensure that your phone has fully synced before restarting Obsidian, not your mac.
You can see the sync indicator on the right sidebar.

By restart you mean open app view and swipe up so that the app is no longer open in the background?

I did try this already, but just tried it again via the following steps:

  1. open vault on obsidian mobile for ios on iphone
  2. open sync log on obsidian mobile, confirm fully synced
  3. open app view to quit obsidian by swiping it off screen
  4. open obsidian desktop to ensure it is fully synced w/ desired graph view settings
  5. reopen obsidian ios app, open graph view ISSUE PERSISTS graph view settings do not match desktop obsidian graph view, but instead are default

Any other ideas?

I just tried fully deleting the app off my phone, redownloading, and syncing in case that’s what you meant. This actually removed further settings, and did nothing to solve the issue.

Now my other vault, which I somehow had the graph appearing the same between mobile and desktops, has reverted to default settings.

Seems like a bug.

You don’t need to reinstall the app, after sync and before opening the graph view, you need to close the app and reopen it.

Thank you but again, I tried reinstalling after closing/reopening failed to solve the issue

The local graph view are never synced. The global are synced.

Make a change on you computer in the global graph view setting. Don’t open the graph view on mobile.
Make a screen shot of your sync logs on both desktop and mobile.

After your are done with the screenshots, close and reopen obsidian on mobile. Open the global graph view. Close the graph view. Make another screenshot of sync logs in both devices.

Specifically why? Are you suggesting I upload these screenshots?

And yes this is all global graph view

yes, we need to see what is going on to figure out your problem.

Hi there,

I followed your steps exactly and it solved the issue. I was in the middle of the process you described, but when it worked on my first vault I stopped w/ the screenshots. The difference that you suggested from what I had tried was changing the global graph settings first (mine were already correct on desktop so I had not been doing this) and not viewing global graph view in mobile when opening.

Solution as follows:
Open desktop global graph view
Change settings
Ensure sync complete
Open obsidian mobile ensuring page being opened is not global graph view
Open global graph view on mobile
Changes sync

yes, we need to do a better job at telling users when a restart in needed.

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