Using Obsidian Sync, can't figure out how to disable iCloud Sync

Hi, I’m trying to sync my database via Obsidian Sync.
I started off using iCloud Sync, and eventually purchased Obsidian Sync.
The issue is, now my database is using BOTH methods, and I can’t find documentation for switching over, or for disabling iCloud sync.

Can someone point me in the right direction here?
Thanks so much.

Move your files to a new location outside of iCloud and then sync with that location. Don’t sync with both it will simply create issues.

I have my iPad version of the vault stored in the local iPad storage. iPhone is in the local iPhone storage. macOS version on the hard drive outside of iCloud. I did copy and setup new vaults to get this.

Start with macOS letting it sync fully. Then do another device, let the sync finish on each device before you do the next one.

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This post Migrate From iCloud To Obsidian Sync helped me when I moved from iCloud to Obsidian sync. Thanks @ryanjamurphy !

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