Using Obsidian on different operating systems

Things I have tried


I am new user, still getting to know obsidian.

My situation is as follows:
I have my vaults on USB stick.
I use obsidian (vault Home) on my home laptop –macOS,
At work I use obsidian (vault Work) on PC – windows 10.

Since both my vaults (Home and Work) are on same USB stick, can I use both on different OS?

For example, can I work at my PC at work (win10) with vault Home which was made on macOS laptop (make changes on notes, link them, create new notes) or I can expect some problems down the line?

I did try test vault and it seemed fine but I did not do it extensively. It looks like it could work, but am I missing something?

I realise this might be a bit of daft question, but I tried search and could not find what I was looking for. Results are usually about sync problems which this is not the case, as I intend to work same vaults (from USB stick) but on different machines with versions of obsidian for windows and macOS.
Part of problem might be that english is not my first language so I might be putting search query wrong.

Thank you for your time

What I’m trying to do

I haven’t done this but I’m pretty sure it will work fine, since Obsidian just sits on top of your Vault/folder of markdown notes.

One issue might be your plugins, if you use one that changes the format/markdown of a file, it won’t work as expected on your other install/OS but that’s easily fixable by having the same plugins on both installations. You can do that manually or Obsidian Sync can also sync your plugins and their settings.

Good luck!

Thank you very much for your answer

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