Using obsidian mobile

I have bought Sync and downloaded the mobile app to my Android phone.

I have created a remote vault and have a password encryption key.

I have opened the mobile app and nowhere can I see how to sync with or link to the remote folder.

Opening the app presents three options

  1. How to set up sync

This is a repeat of the instructions on the website about setting up a remote folder using the desktop app.

  1. Creat new vault

I have already done this as per the desktop instructions (see 1 above).

No matter - clicking on this offers me options - type the vault name; … this is about creating a vault…

  1. Open folder as vault

This just opens a folder on my phone…

I was expecting something that asked me for my username, encyption key and which then linked to the synced rempote vault on Obsidian’s server…

What am I missing?

Hi Paul! Have a look at this and come back if you have any questions!

Android app - Obsidian Help

Cheers, will do.

Hi, worked like a charm - though the steps on my Android didn’t quite match the steps in the instructions.

Many thanks.


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