Using Obsidian for writing... raps?

Hi there!

So I am a rapper and I primarily rely on the Apple Notes app for the past 7 ish years. However, the design philosophy and linking technology of Obsidian looks very interesting to me.

Some of the use cases I see are linking references, tagging topics for each verse/song and possibly develop a plugin connecting rhymezone.

Anyone else here has used Obsidian to write poems/raps? Would love to pick your brain and understand your workflow.


You might like this video: The Joy of Writing with Rok Sanda (made better through Obsidian) - YouTube

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I’m thinking of going down this road for songwriting (same concepts). Considering using Dataview to keep things organized. I don’t have a workflow yet. Just exploring right now.

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I have not, but I’ve thought of using Obsidian to dissect the work of a rap artist (e.g. Kendrick or Nas), which could be done similar to how you see the lyrics dissected on but in a much more intense way. If you are looking for inspiration on how to implement it, the discussion around organizing the bible in obsidian might provide some insights.

How it would break down in my mind is:

  • Note for an Artist links to a note for each album
  • Note for each Album links to a note for each song
  • Note for each song has links to
    • Conceptual ties between songs
    • Explanations of individual verses
      • Subsections of the note with alternative interpretations
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great post, and excellent replies so far. I rap (among other creative endeavors), and have been wondering about the best way to name and organize lyrics files. I’m also very curious about what sorts of Obsidian features/workflows might be helpful in this aspect of my life, along with my other creative endeavors (artwork, music-making, design, fiction writing, etc).

So far, in my 1-week of exposure to Obsidian, the use cases appear to be heavily skewed in the direction of research, academic work, non-fiction, etc (all awesome stuff btw)…I’m really looking forward to finding more examples/discussions about artistic pursuits in Obsidian.

ha! I was kinda-sorta thinking along similar lines the other day, and I love how you broke it down and clarified it! Not only is this idea great if you just want to create rich reviews or explorations of music as a fan, but for those of us who also create music/lyrics, this could be a great method of studying/linking/absorbing insights into the craftsmanship and creative choices behind the things that inspire us.