Using Obsidian for issue monitoring and analysis

Wanted to share a way to use Obsidian that isn’t about daily notes and task management (which I think there are many other options available). I’m a political analyst by training. So I’m always trying to figure out how to keep track of all that is happening across a wide range of issues and my thoughts about those events.

The problem statement
Most real world issues are reported in a mishmash of sources, lengths, facts and opinions, and are linked to other issues. You can’t always tell what’s going to be important or how it’s going to be important. So it’s hard to put an event into a specific box.

If you include what you think about an event in that note, it’s also hard to keep track of your analysis. But your analysis could be based on multiple events. Or your analysis of a single event could change. How do you keep track of all of that?

The solution

  1. Record events as a single note with a compulsory #event tag.
  2. Record your thought/reaction to that #event note in a separate #idea note.
  3. New #idea notes should also be created when you refine an existing #idea.
  4. Other tags etc can be added to help you figure out MOCs or wider issues, but the idea is not to get too bogged down in creating a maximal taxonomy from the start.

Not sure if it’s allowed, but I wrote this up in more detail here.

Would be great to hear your thoughts!

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