Using Obsidian as launcher for project-related apps

As a web developer, you probably know the problem: To start working on a certain project, you need to open quite a lot of windows to begin the work:

  • the working directory of the project on your harddisk in the file explorer
  • the IDE with the project
  • a WSL terminal or Docker Desktop
  • a command line shell
  • some sort of playground for experimentation
  • the website you’re developing in localhost
  • websites with documentation for the technologies you’re using
  • a Git client or a GitHub repository
  • a bug tracker or todo list (if you don’t use Obsidian for that purpose as well)
  • a media player with motivational music for working on this project
  • a Pomodoro timer
  • etc.

If you do all of this manually, it can be quite tedious.

In the past, I had used Freeter to create such a project dashboard. Unfortunately, Freeter is not maintained any more.

But Obsidian can help you with that, too. Simply put links that open all related apps and websites at the top of your project notes or in the sidebar. Then after opening the project notes, you can simply click on all relevant windows you want to open. The shell commands plugin can help to open applications with the right command line parameters.

And if you use a Canvas or the Excalidraw plugin, you can probably even make it look just as nice as in Freeter.