Using Obsidian as "Fancy" file explorer?

Allright so this might be complicated.

I want to use Obsidian as kind of an fancy Windows explorer in form of a (mind)map.

So i have a folder with subfolders etc. and within those subfolders files.

So technicall


The main goal for me is having files i can link to each other if necessary and make easy notes regarding the content of the files.

I know i can link files in windows with files:\\\, this does work, but i just hava a hughe cluster of all notes that are always open. My “wish” is that i can just open what i wanna open and that stuff to stay open in the graph view if i open another path.

Maybe i can’t do this with obsidian, idk, but maybe there is a combination of plug-ins i can do that with?

I’m not sure I understand the request. It sounds like you have most of what you want but the problem is this:

It sounds like you are using the local graph view and want a copy of it for every note you have open — is that right?

I believe they simply want to have a separate window for each file, possibly detachable from the obsidian window.

I mean more like a mindmap but for my PC-Files. I want to link those to each one note with then subnotes.
then i open one note in the graph view, have the folder linked and then all the subfolders/files open in the graph view. And then i can just click through it

I’m still not sure I understand, but it sounds like these community plugins might interest you:

Would Excalibrain be of any use?

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