Using Notion in parallel with Obsidian (external link URI suggest)

I use Obsidian for personal second-brain style knowledge management and I use Notion for various collaborative projects, within my company and in other workspaces too. I believe this is a common setup, Notion being one of the most popular too for team-wide knowledge management.

I’d love to be able to link external documents in my personal space. Suppose, I work on some project that has an extensive documentation in Notion, but I want to reflect on it in my personal space.

Obviously, I can link it manually with just http link or even notion:// scheme. However, the need to go to Notion every time to find a page and get a link to it is cumbersome.

I have two (different) ideas on how to solve this problem:

  1. To have a full-blown plugin that is able to autosuggest my Notion pages similar to how Obsidian autosuggests internal links. With time, It can even support more sources, such as Github issues, Jira tickets or whatever. It probably will require authentication in external system and utilise its API, which is a substantial level of complexity.

  2. Autosuggest any external links based on what links are already present in my Vault. When I enter single-bracket ([]) link, I could have autosuggest from all external links I’ve already made, complete with link text I’ve used. This seems to be quite easy to implement, universal and effective in use.

I’d love to participate in development of such plugins.


I work in this way as well. Would be happy to provide feedback on this.

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This is a great idea, I have a similar usecase, in general I use Notion for anything that requieres a table (database),collaboration or task managment.

But anything that relates to Knowledge managment, and anything I want to futureproof goes in Obsidian.

What I currently do is copy notion URL links to obsidian, and ID numbers from obsidian into Notion, for a two way linking process.

I fully support this idea, it’d be amazing to make the process more integrated once there’s a Notion API


I mainly use Notion as a working document (e.g. table, database) or for notes that have higher layout requirement (e.g. notes need to be shared publicly).

And I use Obsidian for daily note-taking, which is less distractive and more smooth.

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Is there a way for me to expedite it and help with development? I can write PR or proper specification or even try to implement it as plugin, if that’s possible.

(I’m a CTO-level engineer with 20 years of experience, proficient in frontend tech)

Thinking about it, I believe that autosuggest for external links based on previously entered links is a way to go.

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