Using local server share links

Hello all,

first of all, I really like Obsidian software and recommend it to everyone, who I think could benefit from it.

I would like to ask if it is possible to somehow include links to the local server share. I thought that Obsidian could be well used as an organization’s knowledge base. I noticed that I cannot use the file:/// syntax for links like:


Similar issue was posted, but never resolved:

Thank you!

what happens if do drag-ctrl-drop of the file?
Can you post a screen recording of the editor and preview?

Do they work?

It inserts the link according to file:/// syntax, but once I click on the link, I get this error:


link is formatted as: [Signature Memo for New Studies 2017](file:///\\fileshare\Departments\Medicine\...\Signature%20Memo%20for%20New%20Studies%202017.doc)

I truncated the path with … just for the sake of privacy.

It looks that once the link is sent to Windows, at least one \ is missing at the front of the path address.

Does it work if you open in the editor?
If you add another \ before fileshare. does it open in editor and preview?

Like this
[Signature Memo for New Studies 2017](file:///\\\fileshare\Departments\Medicine\...\Signature%20Memo%20for%20New%20Studies%202017.doc)

Interesting! When I CTRL+Click regular inserted link in edit mode, link will open, but if I click in preview mode, I get the error I posted above.

Yes, adding extra \ fixes the issue.

both editor and preview work with extra \?

Yes, it works in both modes.

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