Using Linux to open Windows created vault results in loss of established config/settings

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Steps to reproduce

Use linux to open the windows-created vault

Expected result

settings kept

Actual result

settings/configs in vault becomes reset-ed.


win10, 64bit. obsidian inside chromebook’s debian.

Additional information

post a screen recording of this happening in vault with no third party plugins.

I work on both Linux and Windows. I don’t access the (NTFS) Windows filesystem’s OBS files but files in Linux’s Home.

When I had similar issues, it turned out to be a plugin: Workspaces Plus.

i am a volunteer only,

i dont have any more time for this.

you can omit this.

just let this kept as a record/feedback/warning.


my files are on windows+ntfs (indeed a mounted veracrypt volume). shared by samba for arm chromebook’s linux’s desktop obsidian. ps: the linux vm mount by using smbnetfs.

it’s ok if all are windows.
but for that ONE time i tried using CB’s linux obsidian, it sucked. everything setting was gone.

I wouldn’t mount a different file system’s data for sensitive information (regardless of Linux’s capabilities). There’s nothing to gain (my git vault is 1.5 GB), unless you have a measly (say, 20GB) hard drive/partition.

Is it possible that you instead of select the vault folder, you selected directory above or below?

that cb is 128gb rom

let’s see if others have same issue.

They’re asking if you might have accidentally selected the wrong folder. Did you?

  1. of cause not

  2. i exclusively used only windows obsidian with that samba share,
    after using CB’s linux obsidian to open it, when i first return back to the windows obsidian.
    all settings are gone. colors, exclude-directories etc which used me lot’s of hours, gone.

so i report here and if many people report same, then there is problem.

for me i don’t have time to make another install, make video and repeat several times for statistics.

It is your .obsidian folder that has all your settings. Obsidian will not overwrite that folder, regardless from where you access it.
Did you rename .obsidian to something else before?

i am done.

i am not replying anymore.

thank you