Using items #tagged via Readwise to create new aggregated note

What I’m trying to do

I used Readwise to assign tags to quotes that I have highlighted in books, articles or snipped from podcasts. I’d like to create a new Obsidian note per “tag” so that I can compile quotes relevant to a topic in one place.

Things I have tried

I can create tag pages using Tag Wrangler, and also used the following advice from Reddit to copy search results (i.e. note name) into the relevant tag page.

Search for a tag, hit enter, then above the search bar on the far right is a “copy search results” button, click copy search results, and it gives you the option to copy each note in wikilink or markdown format. Then create a new note and paste.

(credit to SweatinPeace33)

But I cannot find a way to pull out all quotes with a specific tag so they are aggregated in one note, and then to have that note refresh each time a quote is newly tagged.

Appreciate any guidance!

For a native Obsidian solution, you can use embedded queries. These are basically regular searches done inside the note using a codeblock. See the relevant docs here:

Alternatively, you can try plugin options like Dataview and Feeds, which I think might fit your needs.

The latter builds upon Dataview to create topical feeds based on backlinks to a feed / topic note. Like this:

If you want to do it using tags and Dataview, here’s a Dataview query you can adapt:

TABLE without ID as Source,
L.text AS "Quotes"
FROM "03 - Source notes/Readwise"
FLATTEN file.lists AS L
WHERE contains(L.tags, "#YOUR-TAG")

You have to change the path and the tag to fit your situation.

Here’s an example from my usage of the above:

The caveat here is that this only works if the quotes are in bullet list form.

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Thanks so much, am going to try this out and report back!

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