Using Imgur properly to reduce Notebook size

  • Instead of adding image to the notbook & increasing the size of the note, one can upload image to imgur or use web image links to display image on the notebook.
  • Install “imgur Plugin” from community plugin.
  • Connect to your imgur account via plugin settings.
  • Drag the image into note, it will auto generate imgur link & render from imgur directly.

One problem is that often image diplayed is large.

One way to solve this problem is to append the letter t,s,m,b,l at the end of the imgur url.


For imgur image

Adding ‘s’ to URL

But now the image is small & not clickable.

A way to display small image ( from imgur ) on the Obsidian Notebook, which could be clicked to display large sized image.

Following method can be used.
[![image name](image url can add m,s,t,l for imgur)](image url)


Image can be displayed small, click to enlarge in Imgur.