Using HTML tags and then query it

Things I have tried

Hi everyone, I’m new to obsidian and i was wondering if you can use HTML tags like select or radio group or check-boxes and then store the value selected in a variable so i can then query it with data view
My idea was something like:

Yes No Maybe

and then my data view would be something like:

FROM "Tests"
WHERE recommend = yes

Maybe this is not possible if so maybe can you suggest me a workaround with that
Thanks :smile:

What I’m trying to do

Files 1 and 4 have recommend:: yes. Files 2 and 3 don’t.

Does this do what you need?

FROM #adataviewtest
WHERE recommend = "yes"


Hi thanks for the answer, yeah i though of that solution too but the thing that i wanted to use was a select tag from html, and use that to select the corresponding value, it can work as you showed me yes but i was wondering if you can use html like selects, radio buttons to select a value instead of writing it.

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The Dataview manual only refers to using YAML and inline text fields.

Don’t think it can read HTML.