Using getSectionInfo() looking for the line number of a list item

Within the source code of Dataview we’re experiencing a bug #2216 which is related to the return information from ctx.getSectionInfo(), and I’m wondering if someone can answer as to whether it is to be expected that it returns the line start and end of the entire block, or if it should return info on the given <li> item?

Example markdown:

## note in list

- [note:: note 1] 
- [note:: note 2] 
- [note:: note 3] 

When calling ctx.getSectionInfo(<liElement>) on either of the three list items, it always returns lineStart: 2, lineEnd: 4, with text holding the entire note. Is this to be expected?

And if that’s to be expected, can we somehow get the Obsidian API to return just the corresponding line of either list item? I.e. the second call should return lineStart: 3 and lineEnd: 3?