Using Full Calendar to track time and generate chart using Obsidian-Tracker

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to create a PIE chart of the time that I have spent in my entire day.

I’m currently using “Full Calendar” plugin to keep track of time and allocate the time against my events/tasks in the day (below is an example). Then I want to use this data to display a PIE chart of how my day has been.

Example data:


  • #sleep - [startTime:: 06:00] [endTime:: 10:00]
  • #gettingReady for work - [startTime:: 10:00] [endTime:: 10:30]
  • #commute to work - [startTime:: 10:30] [endTime:: 11:00]
  • #meeting - [startTime:: 11:00] [endTime:: 11:30]
  • #task1 - [startTime:: 11:30] [endTime:: 13:00]
  • #lunch - [startTime:: 13:00] [endTime:: 14:00]

  • #sleep - [startTime:: 21:30] [endTime:: 00:00] [endDate:: 2023-02-13]

I would like to use the above data to generate a chart like below:

What have I tried

TBH, I’m stuck with how to approach this. I have tried below code without success

searchType: dvField
searchTarget: startTime, endTime
startDate: 2023-02-06
endDate: 2023-02-15
folder: Journal
valueShift: -24:00, 00:00
datasetName: Start, End

    title: Time Track
    data: 'dataset(0) - dataset(1)'
    dataColor: '#4daf4a,#377eb8'
    label: Start ,End
    ratioInnerRadius: 0.3
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I’ve tried making some pie charts before with the tracker, and I couldn’t figure it the syntax. I ended up using obsidian charts plugin instead. So if you don’t get someone to help you with the syntax, or you figure it out yourself, that might be an easier (and better?) option.

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