Using for stock trading or investment?

Wondering anyone using Obsidian for stock trading or investment? Interested to understand how others are using it for brainstorming, keeping track, notes and research.


Ooh, I’m following. I’m a futures trader and currently track everything in Coda. Notion before that. Would love to utilize Obsidian in this area.

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Had impression trades would use this platform. Started adding notes + articles. Working out well.

I’m just exploring this as well for trading, but more from a psychological aspect.
The way I was thinking of using this is like Van Tarp approaches trading in general with keeping track of errors , take action to solve this, and explore what is driving my behaviour.
I know bit philosophical nut still :wink: think linking stuff together to learn and review your own progress must be valuable.

I am just getting into using Obsidian and definitely interested in seeing how to use Obsidian not only to keep track of companies but each of the quarterly reports to make notes on what was said and keep tabs of that going forward.
I like the idea of keeping track of failures too that @Wxll mentioned. This could be powerful way of keeping tabs of your investment thesis to begin with.