Using file.starred in a Dataview query

I am trying to make a list of files that have been starred using Dataview. The query I tried is:

WHERE file.starred

I am not sure what I’m missing. The query returns 0 results when I know that I have two files starred (they show up in the Starred pane).

Other queries are working fine.

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@midas0441 I enabled starred files, closed and re-opened Obsidian, starred a file, confirmed it showed up in the Starred panel, and then tried your query in a ```dataview codeblock and it did work correctly for me. Are you getting any errors in the Developer Console (Ctrl+Shift+i on Windows, likely something with CMD on Mac)?

Not sure how to invoke Developer Console on macOS. I tried CMD-SHFT-i based on your suggestion. Nothing happened.

FWIW, not working for me either. Says Query returned 0 results

@midas0441 I found the following instructions elsewhere on this forum, from one of the devs. Sorry for not searching better previously!

@Twita @midas0441 Have you both updated Dataview within the last few hours? There have been lots of updates recently, including since I wrote my previous post. You do have to update plug-ins manually: Go to Settings, then Community Plugins tab, then click “Check for Updates” and then click “Update”. I usually then close and re-open Obsidian. If that does not help, maybe one of the other forum experts or the folks in the dataview GitHub discussions board have ideas. Good luck!

Thanks so much…!

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That did it.

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