Using dataview to show meetings I had with a specific file-name

Hello everyone — I am currently stuck with something and need help. I am trying to switch to a “Daily Notes” workflow for work.

Within my “Daily Notes”-template I have a section/heading for “Meetings” where I try to collect all my many meetings of the day. I want to use a “New Meeting”-template to add a new meeting to that daily note.

Within that “New Meeting”-template I have a value named “Host::” after which I want to link a “Contact”-Note, so I always know with whom I had that meeting.

Here is my problem: Inside that “Contact”-Note I want to have a dataview table (or list) that shows me all the meetings I had with that Contact where s/he was the “Host”.

In my example images below you see the Daily Note with two meetings. In the first meeting “William Settler” is used as “Host::”. The second image shows the “William Settler”-Note where the dataview query should show me all the meetings where “William Settler” was listed under “Note::”

I am not sure if that helps, I also have the “templater”-community-plugin installed if this could only be solved with “templater”.

Hi @williamsettler, thanks for your question.

Generally speaking, Dataview works at the page level, not the section level. It has no way of knowing that “Coffee Meeting with Tim” and “Meeting with Tim” are two different things. Instead, it looks to DataView that you have a single page (2022-12-02-Fri) with two Host values.

To use Dataview effectively with this kind of data, I recommend breaking these meetings into separate notes that you link to or embed in your daily note. Once those meetings are separate pages, it’s easy to use Dataview on the “William Settler” page to something like:

LIST Time 
FROM "Meetings"
WHERE Host = [[]]

Hi @Craig thank you very much, this helped me a lot. I didn’t know that dataview only works on page level.


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