Using dataview to filter Tasks plugin priority

Tasks plugin and Dataview

I’m creating a workflow where i want to use the Tasks plugin and Dataview.
I like the task metadata (and the pop up options) but like querying with Dataview. What i am struggling to do is filter based on the priority created by the tasks plugin.

For example - this is what my tasks look like :

  • [ ] task 1 :arrow_double_up:
  • [ ] task2 :arrow_up_small:
  • [ ] task 3 :arrow_down_small:

My dataview query pulls these tasks, but i am not sure how to query the priority metadata on each task.
I thought that i may be able to use something like:

WHERE !contains (text,":arrow_down_small: ")

I appreciate your help!

Okay. So the suggestion i posted actually works if you make sure there are no spaces before and after the character. e.g.

FROM "Inbox"
Where contains(text,"⏫") AND !completed

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