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Collecting posts on useful workflows for macOS. Link posts in this thread and I’ll consolidate.

Keyboard Maestro


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Maybe this is relevant, since it talks about solutions for macOS specifically.


This is a great great great thread. I’m thinking of buying Keyboard Maestro. Hoping these still work.

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How to take advantage of autocompletion (and aliases) when wiki-wrap existing text (with Keyboard Maestro)

When I’m wiki-wrapping existing text, it’s easy to select, hit [[ and – boom! – that text is now a link. It’s magic. But sometimes, I’m not sure what the exact text is, or the text is “Luhmann” and I want it to link to a page entitled “Niklas Luhmann”, which has the alias, [Luhmann]. When I’m typing Luhmann, Obsidian’s brilliant autocorrection includes that option – [[Niklas Luhmann|Luhmann]] – but there is no autocorrection offered if you simply wrap the text.

But there is a simple workaround:

  1. Select the text
  2. ⌘X - Cut
  3. [[
  4. ⌘V - Paste

To make it even faster, I’ve created a Keyboard Maestro shortcut ⌘⌥[ that cuts the selected text to a named clipboard, prepends [[ and then pastes the cut text, at which point the autocorrection kicks in and you can see several possibilities. Here is a screenshot of the KM macro.


I’ve proposed this Small but big QoL: When linking a pre-existing word or phrase, display the note suggestion menu as a feature for Obsidian, which is very close to what you’ve built for KM here. Thank you, I’ll be using this until (hopefully) the devs implement the feature request!


This is a great little workaround! I re-created it as an Alfred workflow in MacOS:

Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 9.41.43 PM


Here is my Alfred workflow file itself for importing:

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Is it just me, or is KM unable to move or resize Obsidian?

Working here. Any chance you’re in full screen mode?

No, I’m actually I’m trying to get it to open in fullscreen! :smiley: I’m a KM novice, just testing it out. I have no problems getting the actions to work with other programs.

Maybe someone can help me out. I’d like to start the day with Obsidian and Safari side-by-side, with Safari opened to a particular URL and Obsidian opened to the daily note. Extra points if it opens to a particular workspace. How would you approach this?

Here are the steps, substituting “workspace1” in the next-to-last action for the name of your desired workspace. I have the Obsidian hotkey for Load Workspace set to ⌘1.

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Thank you! This is great.

Here is my first attempt at Obsidian Mac Automation, hope it is of interest.


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(The thread doesn’t go into the detail suggested by the title — it just calls attention to Obsidian Shortcut Launcher and one class of its possibilities.)