Using a USB key? Using Encryption?

First, how do I create a vault in a directory of my choosing (like on a USB key)? The iPhone interface is confusing in this respect – the vault is either created on iCloud in a Obsidian directory or on my device under the Obsidian directory. I’m looking to share my Markdown with other systems via a USB key.

Second, does Obsidian do anything with encryption?

Let’s break this down to much simpler terms. First, make sure the USB key is attached to your iPhone for you to create a vault in Obsidian on the device. Unfortunately, this presently doesn’t save directly to an external drive, e.g., a USB key, on Obsidian for iOS devices. It means you would have to create a vault on your iPhone or iCloud and then later move it manually to the USB key through a computer. Once the vault is on your USB key, you will be able to access it from other systems allowing reading the USB key. As for encryption, Obsidian does not inherently come with the feature that allows the user to encrypt his or her notes. This means, in short, that Obsidian does not offer you this feature to keep your Markdown files “as is.” If you really need to encrypt, you would have to use a separate tool or service to encrypt the USB key or the files themselves for added safety. It may sound a bit too complicated, but it is mostly just the process of moving files from where they are to where you need them.