User interface is too small on screens with 5120x2160px (Windows)

I use Obsidian on many different devices and operating system. UI scaling is fine on most of it and content can be scaled (Ctrl+mouse wheel etc.).
With one exception: On high resolution wide screens as mentioned in the title, the user interface is not scaled properly, it is too small.

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you can try to use ctrl +/-/0

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I am aware of this and it works perfectly for notes. However, it does not change the size of UI elements like buttons or the content of windows like settings, and - which is more important - of siedepanes used for file explorer, backlinks, outline, tags.

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Does changing the interface font size in appearance settings have an effect for you?

No, ctrl -, - and 0 are whole UI setting.
Ctrl scroll is just for the fonts.

Check also that your OS is not doing anything funky.

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